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Short History, Mission and Aims


Lithuanians' World Center for Advancement of Culture, Science and Education

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Short History, Mission and Aims

Lithuanians' World Center for Advancement of Culture, Science and Education (Lithuanians’ World Center) was founded in Kaunas during an International conference “National University Conception and Kaunas University,” organized by the Lithuanian Cultural Fund “Aukuras”, with the assistance of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and “Lietuvos Persitvarkymo Sŕjűdis” on April 26-29, 1989.

For several years, Lithuanians’ World Center supported the re-established Vytautas Magnus University, invited Lithuanian scientists from all over the world for educational work, mustered financial support, and published academic literature for the re-established  university. In 1997 the Center was reorganized into a non–profit and public (non-governmental) organization “Lithuanians' World Center for Advancement of Culture, Science and Education” (Lithuanians’ World Center).

Mission: The preservation and development of Lithuanian national culture. The improvment of mutual understanding and peaceful cooperation between Lithuania and other nations. The future of modern Lithuania is the development of economics and sciences. Lithuania’s position in the world greatly depends on its young generation, i.e. students, and their social and civil activity. Therefore, Lithuanians’ World Center devotes a significant attention to programs for students and youth.

Aims: Fostering of Lithuanian national culture by publishing academic and scientific literature and organizing symposiums, exhibitions and cultural events. Providing Lithuanian people, especially students and youth, with more opportunities to visit foreign countries, get to know their culture and work traditions, develop language skills, and acquire knowledge and experience for thorough education and career.




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